Celebrate Recovery


Celebrate Recovery started in Saddleback Church in California on 1991 through the vision of John Baker. John along side with Pastor Rick adapted the AA 12 steps and transformed them into Christ centred 12 steps with bible verses. Later made the 8 principals with biblical comparison, which is like the 12 steps. Since then Celebrate Recovery has grown not only in America but nation wide and parts of the world. By this vision many people have changed lives through the program, by working on recovery and fellowship with one another.


  • Newcomers 101- A 1-time program that is required for attendee who never heard or participated in a program before. This one-time attendance helps a person understand the basics of the program and the basic guidelines of gender specific groups.
  • Large open share- is a program that is designed for worship, fellowship, learning each 25 lessons bi weekly and testimonies. Including open share in a gender specific group.
  • Small group share- A program that is in depth program overcoming hurts, hang ups and habits.The requirement is an attendee is committed and has attended newcomers 101 and 3 consecutive large open share groups. There are 2 types of Journeys they begin with working on hurts, habits and hang ups. The journey continues with a continual program in maintaining our personal relationship with Jesus and victories over hurts habits and hang ups.
  • Life’s Healing choices- An 8-week program taught by Pastor Rick in explaining 8 principals. This mini version not only builds fellowship and is a start in overcoming hurts, habits and hang-ups.

Start in overcoming hurts, habits and hang ups. This is a good program for everyone. The uplifting meetings and supportive environment creates a space for growth, restoration, and renewal.