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2022 VBS - Come experience Jasper Canyon!


We want to invite your kids to join us for an exciting program. Please mark these dates on your calendar so your children won’t miss our Jasper Canyon VBS. Your kids will visit Jasper Canyon, where they will learn that they are treasured by God. This will be an exciting week of singing, playing games, and learning about how we are all treasured by God, who has created us with unique gifts and talents. Be sure you register to attend, and encourage your children to invite and bring a friend!

Date & Time: July 4-8 @ 12:30-3:30 pm

Location: Sherwood Park Seventh-day Adventist Church (120 Festival Way, Sherwood Park)

Ages/Grades: 5-10 years old, or grades K-4

Cost: FREE, but a suggested donation of $25 or more per family. Part of the proceeds will go to this year's Mission Spotlight: "Adventist Disaster and Relief Agency - ADRA" a non-for-profit organisation. You may qualify to receive a tax receipt for your donation amount. ADRA uses 93% directly for program expenses and 7% towards management, administration, and fundraising. That means the money you so willingly give will be used wisely to help those in desperate need!

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2021 VBS - RESCUED: Safe in Jesus

Wow, we were truly blessed to have an in person VBS this summer, and it was so much fun! Kids and leaders had a blast singing, playing games, crafting and building friendships. Of course we can't forget about the cool animals we had the privilege to learn about and even hold! A shout-out to Zoo2U, who brought their amazing exotic animals: Moluccan Cockatoo, Hazel the Monkey, Rose Hair Tarantula, Argentinian Tegu, Netherlands Dwarf Rabbit, Yellow Ball Python, Indian Star Tortoise, and their very playful ferrets! 

Thank you to those who were involved in making this VBS, RESCUED: Safe in Jesus, a reality and all the families and children who attended to really bring it to life! It was an amazing adventure as we discovered more about Jesus and had LOTS of fun together!

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